ABC Affirmations: An Educational Video to Inspire Bonding & Learning

Looking for an easy bonding time activity for you and your little one? Want something that is educational, inspires positivity and calmness in both of you?

Hi, it’s Lina from Starkey and Bodhi! I want you and your little one(s) to have fun bonding together!

As we know, all children learn through PLAY. Play inspires engagement, and engagement means you have your child’s ATTENTION.

In these moments of high attention from your little is where we want to sneak in education that may be trickier when they’re not 100% eyes and ears on you! For kids, and toddlers especially, sitting still is almost non-existent!

So let’s make it easy!!

Children get frustrated when they don’t have the words or communication skills to match yours. They feel defeated and this leads to tantrums, meltdowns, and what many just classify as “bad behavior” or a “naughty child”.

I want you to know that there is NO bad behavior or naughty child. But there IS a lack of either communication, close bond, or time well spent one on one, between the caregiver and the child. The behavior is simply communication, even though less than ideal.

In this easy, under 3 minute video, you and your child will have fun learning:

  • their ABC’s
  • sign language
  • new words
  • emotional positivity

Think your child isn’t ready? Give it a TRY! In the video, it’s not only my voice you hear, but also my then 3 year old’s voice. And she did the whole thing with me! She even was open to pausing and re-recording certain words that we didn’t catch right. But she did do the whole thing, start to finish, all in one sitting. So I encourage you to try!

If your child is under 3, you most definitely can still utilize this video as a visual stimulator, to help build their recognition of sounds, letters, and words, all while they watch YOU sign the letters!!


So much fun! Get started NOW 🙂