Cleaning When you Just Can’t

Life is overwhelmingly difficult. Mom’s wear MANY hats-especially single mama’s. Single mom’s wear ALL the hats, right?

You wake up and get the kids off to school and barely make it to work on time. Ah, work. A place where you have to put on your fake face and continue to push down all your true feelings just so you can make it through the day. Then you fly to the kids school to get them before you’re charged extra and then when you get home it’s time for homework and cooking dinner.

Moms wear so many hats. After going 90 mph all day long while masking your true emotions all day just so you can survive, the LAST thing you want to do is clean your home.

Anxiety can definitely be heightened by the clutter of your home. So let’s cut the stress and get down to it.

Let me introduce to you The Fly Lady. She is a super cute, sweet ol’ southern grandma who wants to help people calm down the chaos of their homes. By clicking the link above, you can go straight to her website and learn more about her and HOW TO GET STARTED. Basically, TheFLYLADY method takes away the overwhelm of “Where do I even START?” by telling you what to clean each day and each week. Each part of your home is thrown into a certain “zone.” Implementing the cleaning of these zones on the regular will ensure that your house will stay cleaner and you won’t be so stressed about it.

Still confused? Check her out on youtube and just start binging all her videos. **Note for busy moms: you can always increase the playback speed so she “talks faster”! ** She ALSO has an app available for iphones.

Here are two cleaning ladies on TikTok that I love to watch and learn from!
First, we have the Queen of Cleaning, Mrs. Vanesa. She cleans so well that Lysol has asked her to be their spokesperson! How cool is that? She shows you what products work best for what areas of the house and tips and tricks on how to do it WELL and make it easier for you!

I’ll be honest, this next account I began to follow immediately just for the fact that I love their handle, “I Suck At Cleaning.” She has mentioned she struggles with depression and anxiety (I FEEL THAT) and acknowledges that with the yucky mental health state, sometimes it is a STRUGGLE to clean. Gah, how many of us can relate to that!! So check her out on tiktok here. She also has a linktree to all of her favorite things to make it easier on us to click, click, click to purchase things SHE LOVES so we KNOW it’ll work for us!! Yay for people who understand our overwhelm!!