This area of our page is dedicated to sharing what we know. While there will be some outside sources, this section is all about learning in GENERAL!

For example, we have articles on how to write checks and handle finances in general, and we also share about homeschooling! So education for YOU and your littles!

Having been through traumatic experiences, sometimes we do not know HOW to handle our emotions in a healthy way. That will be covered here as well.

If you are looking for healthy self care education to promote healing for yourself (mind, body and spirit), please see this section of our site.

For education on mental health, please check out this part of our site. You can also find information on homeopathic remedies for physical health on this area of our site.

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Just simply state your question as the subject title so we can easily delegate your questions to the person with the most experience in that particular area. We aim to serve you in the best possible way.

Blessings and Happy Educating,
Starkey and Bodhi