We understand that many survivors have been controlled in many aspects: including finances. You most likely received an insignificant amount for an “allowance” to get ALL of the household needs met. While you are most likely fantastic at stretching a dollar, there are still many other things to learn about money.

How to create a budget.
How to open a bank account (checking or savings.)
How to tithe if that’s something that applies to you.
How to balance a checkbook.
How to read a bank statement.
How to invest.

There is so much free financial advice on the internet. One that we highly encourage you to start with is Dave Ramsey. Many people feel very different about Ramsey, but we think the basic principles are a great place to start. He has books out there that you can purchase, (We recommend the Total Money Makeover) but there is also a free podcast listed on the website linked above! Who doesn’t LOVE free things!

If you would like help in setting up a budget or more direction in the financial area of your life, please fill out the Contact Us form and we would love to help you.