All Things Homeschool

Homeschooling is a phenomenal option for educating your children. There are so many great resources to utilize, and many of them are free. Homeschool does NOT have to be expensive to ensure your child learns. Read through this page to find many different ideas for homeschooling your precious kiddos.

We are too cool for school-well, public school! 😉

Start here, by answering some questions to see how your child learns. This will help you decide which curriculum would keep your child’s interest, encouraging them to learn even more. Aside from the learning style quiz, this website has a bundle of information.

Find your inspiration here with this online homeschooling guide. You’ll have access to FREE resources, a curriculum finder, advice videos, product reviews, podcasts, an online community, and more!

This blog explains what the Montessori way of learning is and how to choose a good Montessori school (if that is what you wish to do in the future). It also goes over the history of how Montessori came to be.

You’ll discover that the gentle and meaningful approach to education and parenting through the Montessori method begins at infancy. We have some book recommendations for babies and kids listed on this page for your convenience. Simply scroll down towards the bottom and you will find a section titled Children’s Home Education and Workbooks. These will help you turn your home into a positive, fun, engaging, and empowering environment for both you and your child to thrive.

Easy Peasy is a free online curriculum. You can also purchase workbooks online for about $8-10 each. This curriculum is geared towards pre-k through high school! It does have a Bible category if that’s something that applies to you. What we love about this curriculum is that you can easily add or remove any subject you need. (Most states require 180 days of school/year. Easy Peasy helps you to easily (pun intended!) keep track with how many days you have done schooling. Super easy! 😉

Freedom Homeschool is pretty cool too. It has links to all different free homeschooling sites. It even references Easy Peasy several times. The only downfall to this would be if you have to keep track of how many days/year of school your state requires.

Another amazing FREE resource is Dads Worksheets. We LOVE the free math printables to work on memorizing math facts.

This site allows 3 free printables per month. You can also pay for a membership which you can learn more about here.

Still utterly confused? Feel free to email us at with the subject titled “Homeschool.” We would love to walk you through it!