How To Become a Believer, a Christian, and How to “Get Saved”

As this is literally THE most important thing EVER: and I am NOT exaggerating or being dramatic for once.

The earth is bad enough. I look forward to a time of no abuse, hurt, sorrow, pain, death, and all that other tough stuff.

This is one great resource, that spells it all out so clearly. “How to Get to Heaven According to the Bible: It’s NOT by Being Good”

Download the Holy Bible app on your phone and you can start this 5-Day plan to Understanding God’s Mercy.

We came across this Pastor on a Bible Study Podcast. Costi Hinn is the man’s name and WOW does he have quite a history. He is a CHANGED man and we love to hear him preach. We think he does such a great job explaining SALVATION and how to secure yours over here. If you are short on time, start around minute 11, and you can go to the youtube settings and increase the playback speed!

You WILL mess up. You will sin each and every day. Jesus=the only perfect human. Confess that you mess up. Confess up you need help. Ask for forgiveness and then turn AWAY from that sin. Repent means to not only ask for forgiveness, but also quit partaking in that sin. Strive to live like Jesus and ask WWJD. You’ll choose wrong sometimes. You’ll do the bad thing sometimes. That’s human nature and living in a fallen world for ya! BUT, it doesn’t end there, thankfully. JESUS died on the cross FOR YOU. Acknowledge and KNOW that. Believe that HE is your SAVIOR, that He is the ultimate sacrifice. That He suffered a brutal death because He loves you. Because He chose you.

The story doesn’t end there though. Three days after dying on the cross and being buried, He rose from the grave. Then after He went back up to heaven, He sent us a special gift. A gift that wasn’t possible until He suffered and died for us. This gift is called Holy Spirit. The moment you accept Jesus as your personal Savior, the Holy Spirit dwells within you, to help you along your path.

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