Is Your Clean Water Actually Clean?

Growing up, we all drank water out of the garden hose. As an adult, that makes me shiver! Yuck! Times have changed, including more knowledge about the types of pathogens and chemicals found in our water.

I have used Pur Filters and Brita Pitchers in the past, and while they are better than NO filter, upon further research, I found that they don’t quite filter out enough. I now use and LOVE my Berkey.

I found this realllly eye-opening! If you go to this site, scroll down just a bit and you will see a map of the USA. Hover over your state to find what yucky things that are KNOWN and ALLOWED to be in your tap water. Scary right?

A great alternative to the Berkey is the Epic Water Filter!

Here is an informational video on Shungite, which is another filter option.