Massage therapy is not just a great way to relieve sore, knotted up muscles.
It’s more than just PHYSICAL.

Did you know Massage Therapy has also been proven to reduce stress, anxiety and depression… which means your MOOD improves! Massage therapy is TRULY self care. It’s time for yourself. That in itself helps you to relax, right? Mothers typically never get a moment to themselves. So an hour every now and then for a visit with a massage therapist is great for your sore muscles and weary heart, mind, and soul.

Did you know Massage Envy has a membership program and is sprinkled all across the USA?

Elizabeth’s personal testimony on massage: As a mother of two with a career in dental hygiene, my body constantly hurt. The dental field is very hard on a body. I had a standing appointment with a massage therapist and chiropractor every month to prevent injury and pain. Added to that tough career was the fact I had two young children who constantly need picked up and held. I truly NEEDED my massage therapist and chiro appointments! My massage therapist was an amazing woman of faith. She would never start the conversation; she left that up to me. Sometimes I needed to vent my frustrations, anxiety, and/or hurts and despair. While she worked away on my aching body, her calming spirit and words of comfort soothed my soul.