Natural Wellness: Keeping Yourself Healthy

What is Natural Wellness and why are we trying to achieve it?

Natural wellness is using God-given nature to KEEP our bodies as healthy as possible with fresh, organic fruits and veggies and clean, all natural supplements.


An AMAZING book I HIGHLY recommend is called Eat to Beat Depression and Anxiety by Dr. Drew Ramsey. Essentially he teaches you foods to eat that will naturally assist your hormones to get to a better, healthier balance so YOU feel better emotionally and mentally! You can also check out his website and glean all kinds of amazing information.

Instead of running to the doctor every time you have a sniffle, you try to assist your body in its natural healing process. Eat foods that are rich in antibacterial/antiviral properties! For example, garlic is a SUPER healthy vegetable that can help lots of things. Check out what Healthline has to say.


Starkey and Bodhi partner with an amazing company that has the purest supplements that have changed SO MANY lives. Including our own. If you are having chronic illness issues, we may know of a supplement that can help ease your systems and get your health back on the right track. (If you need guidance on supplements, fill out the Contact Us form and we would love to help you. )

You can also get started on your own prior to contacting us for a quick mental wellness assessment!

There are three main parts of our bodies that contribute to our overall health. Have a clue as to what these are? The mouth, your gut, and your skin! On this page we will be focusing on your mouth and gut, but in the next paragraph is a link to check out about skin and how to keep it super healthy!


DID YOU KNOW: A toxin is basically anything your body cannot use. With that in mind, did you know that we, as women, come in contact with as many as 500 toxins PER DAY. Toxins can be cleaners, lotions, perfumes, hair products, skincare products and more. Be sure to be smart when dealing with chemicals and cleaners. If you would like more information on how to check for more pure and natural-minded skincare and cleaning products, message us! 🙂

Eating a balanced diet is the KEY to wellness. Have you ever heard the phrase, “You are what you eat” ? That statement couldn’t be more true! Just like you have to put the right type of fuel into a vehicle, your body needs the right type of fuel. Yes, our bodies will operate solely on chocolate for a while, but they won’t be functioning well; eventually you will come screeching to a halt! Eating lots of different colored foods help you to get the most amount of vitamins and minerals possible to fuel your body properly.

Finally, the medical field is beginning to recognize that the MOUTH is the gateway to your gut and connected to your entire body. Experts have found bacteria belonging in the mouth in the hearts of those who have heart disease. How? Your teeth have their own blood supply! Your teeth are alive-that’s why you get toothaches, right?! What you put into your mouth matters-and that goes beyond food! While it is IMPERATIVE to floss and brush DAILY for the ultimate healthy mouth, it is also of the upmost importance in the quality of products you choose. As mentioned at the beginning of this article, there are so many ingredients in so many products that are toxic. This included dental products.

Our friend, Leah, has several posts about dental products that are clean and great to use.

One company we like to purchase dental products from is Living Libations. They have an educational book on holistic dentistry you can purchase as well! It is still important to check in with your dentist and get x-rays of your mouth. If you are one to NEVER have cavities, you don’t need x-rays but once every 18-24 months. These radiographs do not just check for cavities but also check for any cysts or tumors or bone loss and infection!