Stretch for Your Sanity


Exercise is important for your physical health BUT is also great for your MENTAL health.

Spending a few minutes of simply focusing on your body’s movement gently forces you to become more aware of the present moment (mindful). Practicing yoga daily can lower your heart rate and respiratory rate. If you have experienced a panic attack, then you understand how frightening and uncomfortable it is when your heart rate goes sky high and you are hyperventilating.

Yoga is GREAT for those suffering with Anxiety/Depression/PTSD.
Resistance/Strength training is also great to combat the yucky feelings of anxiety/depression/PTSD. You have felt so small and so weak for so long. But I am here to remind you how JUST HOW TOUGH you ARE. And if you don’t believe me, start doing some push-ups and squats a few times a week. Here’s more examples you can do right here, right now. You’ll soon notice positive changes in your body that will begin to reflect in your mind. You are SO STRONG. Interested in more exercise routines? Message me here and I’ll get you plugged into a closed group dedicated to exercise.
Getting away from the city lights and sounds and seeing God’s beautiful creations and hearing the sounds of nature is a soothing balm to your soul. It has helped me and so many others through our trauma recovery. Not only are you WALKING which will release those happy chemicals in your brain, you can simply be YOU and learn feel good about that!