Organizing on a Budget

I am here to tell you: You CAN be Boujee on a Budget, girl, and we are here to steer you in the right direction! So let’s do this!

Dollar Tree is a great place to take care of those organizational needs. This lady on TikTok, named India, showcases a lot of her organizing on a budget! She has great ideas and uses a LOT of Dollar Tree items. Plus the Bullseye department at Target. ($1-$5 area!)

If you KNOW you need organizational help but just don’t even know where to start, this website here gives a lot of options you can scroll through. Some of the things seemed to be more expensive depending upon your budget, but you can still use the inspo and purchase something similar from Dollar Tree to fit your needs! (Also, their whole blog is “The Budget Decorator” so you could literally scroll all over her page for inspiration!)

Here is another website that has a TON of organizational tips! This site even has different categories so it’s not so overwhelming.


One thing that is *so* expensive are planters! The terracotta ones, or even the giant plastic ones. You can get them significantly cheap at a lot of thrift stores, consignment shops, estate and yard sales! My sister has at least 5 million plants (slight exaggeration) but she NEVER purchases them brand new!

Think outside the box. Repurposing things is a huge money saver! I have taken a Kleenex box, cut the top off to make it a box without a lid. Paint it purdy and use it to hold things!!