Our Belief

Starkey and Bodhi is a place full of love for all individuals. We support and serve people of all walks of life and all beliefs.

Having been through years of trauma ourselves, from childhood abuse of all kinds, to experiencing abuse as adults, we understand there is a NEED for support.

When you have been through trauma, it seems your brain is muddled, and the simplest things are forgotten. You are driving down the same road at the same time of day as every other day and suddenly you forget where you’re going. You are making your favorite tea but suddenly your mind goes so blank, you don’t remember how you enjoy it. Things that should be autopilot for you are suddenly TOUGH.

This is why we created Starkey and Bodhi. This place has been prepared for any individual- no matter your background, ethnicity, religion, or whatever else that causes a divide in the “regular world” – to come, to feel welcome and to find all sorts of helpful information in ONE place.

No hate will be allowed in any way. All of us here have been hurt. We have ALL endured hardships that many, many other people have not. That should connect us on a deeper level. That should create a bond that only WE can understand, because we truly know pain. With that knowledge, we have the ability to make this world a better place. So let’s start HERE by showing kindness to everyone.

We are Christians. We are not ashamed of our, but we also respect your beliefs. Jesus didn’t throw Himself down anyone’s throat. God gave us the gift of free will, and we, Starkey and Bodhi, promise to abide by that same philosophy. If you are in alignment with our faith, GREAT; if not, GREAT.
You are STILL welcome here. As stated above-ALL ARE WELCOME. BULLYING and RUDENESS is NOT allowed.

If you want to know more about our faith, hop over here.