“What if ”stop crying” turned into “I’m listening” for an entire generation.”

– Generation Mindful

This quote from GEN:M’s founder, Suzanne Tucker, pretty much sums up what we believe here at Starkey and Bodhi. That this parenting mindset is the key to eradicating abuse and hostility in the world. It starts with how we raise our children. Raise them to be kind, loving, compassionate, mindful, aware, communicative, and knowing how to connect positively, and we will see a world filled with all these wonderful things.

Find out more here. Don’t forget to check out their Time-In Toolkit which is legendary to positive discipline and true child cooperation.

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“Punishing your child for having a tantrum does not reduce or stop tantrums.”

-Transforming Toddlerhood

As tough as toddlerhood can be, it doesn’t have to be rough! 

Devon Kuntzman, a leading toddler parenting expert, and the parenting coach and supporter of GEN:M, founded Transforming Toddlerhood. Backed by certifications and her BA in Psychology + Child Development, she created a company with the mission to transform the conversations going on in the toddler years. Her goal is to debunk the myth that toddlers, and toddlerhood, is terrible. Discover Devon’s tips, tricks, and coaching programs that inspire confidence and breed connection between yourself and your child, here.

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“I support parents to restore harmony to their household and fun to their family life.”

-Camilla Miller

If you’re wondering how you’re ever going to get your kids to listen without SHOUTING, then Keeping Your Cool Parenting mama, Camilla Miller, is the resource for you!

In finding harmony at home we can find peace and that amazing, loving connection we craved so badly as kids ourselves. As a professional parenting coach based out of the UK, Camilla has helped so many parents find their happy voice without loosing their voice (releasing the need for yelling 24/7!).

Break the cycle of stress, have fun connecting with your child, and make happy memories together.

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Struggling to feed your kiddos good, organic food? It’s hard to find the time to purchase all your own organic food and then puree it for your babes. Then, as they get older and all they want is unhealthy junk rather than your healthy, organic delicacies you worked hard to afford and then cook for them! Hop over here to learn more about an amazing company who takes the hard work and meal planning out of the equation for you. Take away the overwhelm with Little Spoon!

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