Published Stories by 10 Surviving Women

Hello! Lina again from Starkey and Bodhi.

I have had the pleasure of having an amazing friend and mentor who I met what seems like lifetimes ago…

Our journey together started when we met working at the same retail shop, along the coast of California.

She was always well prepared for work. Beautiful. Strong. She had so much character and charisma about her. Honest. Hard working. Created both loyal customers and friends.

I felt so blessed to have had the pleasure of working with her and seeing her in action.

We became such close friends that she was there for the birth of my second child. And was there for me during both my pregnancies. I’m proud to call her family.

Her name is Gena Contreras.

“When you’re enduring pain, visualize, tomorrow is a new day, the sun will shine, and this is only temporary.” – Gena Contreras

She is one of the many brave women who have told their story in this beautifully put together book.

Stories of pain. Stories of overcoming.

One day, I hope to fully write out my own story.

It is our prayers that one day Starkey and Bodhi will be able to publish an inspiring book, stitching together many of the stories that have been and will be contributed to this site.

Please enjoy this book and the stories written together, here.