Taking Thoughts Captive

Negative Nancy. Sensitive Sally. Lazy Lucy. Miserable Mason. Okay, I made that last one up, but get the point: some of the names you have been called by others or thought about yourself. Geeze Louise, at all the mean things you say to yourself!

Here’s the thing. Nobody wakes up and decides to be miserable. Nobody who has lived a blissful life one day decides to hate themselves and trash talk themselves for pure joy. You know that. I’ve been there. I am STILL there sometimes. Honestly, as I sit here typing this up on this dreary Monday, I am having one heck of a day myself. My anxiety is overwhelming and I think everyone hates me.

That’s not true. I know that. So this section of our page is for those who struggle with identity. Those who have let the hate trickle in to your mind and that has what has chosen to STICK. Not the good things, but the bad. I am hear to tell you that no matter what terrible thing you’ve been called, you’re not that. You are not defined by any action you have done.

Noticing that you talk this way to yourself is a HUGE step and I am SO proud you are here; ready to make a huge, life-altering change!

Today we choose to shut the door on the negative and open the door to positivity and self love.